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We operate an open-door policy, so people can visit the Hospice, meet our residents, and meet us and our family and have a cup of tea. Please call in advance to ensure we are home.



We pledge to raise and hold funds responsibly. We will not make emotionally manipulative appeals to raise donations. We will only fund raise the money we need to operate and provide the end of life care we promise to deliver. When appealing for help with specific target amounts, eg for a vet bill, we will not attempt to raise more than we need and we will show the amount raised with donor initials on the post. We will attempt to have one year's operating budget in the bank at all times to ensure that we are never in dire straits financially and that we can always provide for our residents. 


The trustees and director receive no monetary or other compensation for their work and time. We are run entirely by volunteers and all donations go directly to help us to provide end of life care for our friends.

Our annual accounts are available from the Office for the Scottish Charity Regulator or by contacting us to request a copy. 


We believe that it is best for terminally-ill animals to stay with their families, if it is in the animal's best interest. We offer advice and support to people who are coping with the terminal illness of their family member, to try to help them stay together as they near the end of their life. It is a responsibility until the end, and we know how much happiness and real joy can be found in those days together. We encourage people who have found themselves overcome with worry and fear, who often feel they can not provide the care their friend needs, and support them. The animal's family are the best people to care for them at the end and with a little support often find themselves making many very happy memories with their friend during what is often the most heart breaking and joyous time.  Contact us if you are experiencing the terminal illness of your friend and we will listen and offer any advice we can from our experience.


We provide quality care for a small number of animals at any one time. In order to ensure we can attend to their needs properly, we do end of life care for a maximum of 3 animals at any time, exceptional circumstances aside. We get to know them very well so that we can do the things they enjoy; friendship is a reason to get out of bed. Many of the animals who come to us have never known love and care from humans, so gaining trust and creating friendship is often as important in helping their mental well-being as veterinary treatment is to helping their physical well-being. We believe in dignity in death, so we do everything we can for our friends so that they do not lose dignity at the end of their lives and their last moments are respectful, dignified and peaceful.

EUTHANASIA (from the Greek, meaning "good death")

Given the nature of our work, it is often necessary to use euthanasia to prevent suffering and preserve dignity. If it is in the best interests of the resident, and on the advice of veterinary professionals, we will take the very difficult but necessary and compassionate decision to prevent suffering by ending their lives. We promise to listen when they tell us it is time and to take the responsibility of making decisions on their behalf very seriously.  Wherever possible we will make their deaths as peaceful, comfortable and dignified as we can, and be with our friends during their death, which wherever possible we do at home. Every decision and every residents' situation will be taken on its own merit, and we will always make decisions based on the needs of the residents in conjunction with our vets, not on our own feelings or wants. We will be open and honest about how and why we reached the decision we did.

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