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No Life Too Small

NLTS English Cover.jpg

A few folk have asked for the order form for No Life Too Small after the post on it being published in Korea (thank you everyb'dy!), and tomorrow (Thurs 5th April) it will be in the The Galloway News (thank you Steve!).


And seeing as I've just decided tae part ways wi my agent and go it alone, I figure I better get better at self-promotion!

Everything I dae as janny for the 420ish animal folk who live here is jist fur the pure love eh them aw (awwww...) and my book is my only income, so every copy I sell really helps me (buy mair dresses in charity shops) so much.

If anyb'dy would like a Badgey-paw-printed and wummin-scribbled copy of No Life Too Small as a gift tae yersel or someb'dy else (they're £12 including a Badgey-print, personalised message, wrapping, gift card, bookmark, and postage in the UK) click here or on the photo below. Please contact me if you'd like tae ask about international postage. 

Here's whit they say aboot it: 'A few years ago Alexis Fleming was bedridden with a chronic illness. Things became so bad that she wanted to end her life many times during this period - but her beloved dog, Maggie, kept her going, especially when doctors gave her just six weeks to live.

Incredibly, Alexis fought her way back to health with Maggie by her side, only for Maggie to die on a vet's operating table. Alexis was devastated that Maggie had died without her and decided to start an animal hospice in her name in the hope that she could ensure other animals nearing the end of their life would not have to die alone.

No Life Too Small is the joyful and inspiring story of the world's first animal hospice, celebrating the power and beauty of nature, the strength of the human and animal spirit, and the importance of love, friendship and community. It will leave you with a tear in your eye, a smile on your face and a renewed belief in human kindness.

Looking after dying animals has taught Alexis what really matters in life - kindness, compassion and love.'

Here's whit I say aboot it; 'That was the hardest thing I've ever done, thankfuck I don't have tae write that again...'

NLTS English Cover.jpg
German Cover.jpg
Dutch Cover.jpg
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